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Music Lessons

David Abbott has enjoyed teaching saxophone, clarinet and flute in Ipswich, UK, for over 35 years.

Remote Lessons during the Covid-19 outbreak

During this time of social exclusion and isolation the restrictions that have been put in place to keep us all safe prevent traditional face to face music lessons.

David has, however, invested in some equipment to enable lessons to successfully continue via a video call over a broadband internet connection using WhatsApp, Zoom or Google Meet.

Further details of how to connect are available for existing students on the Student Pages. If you would like to enquire about starting lessons remotely please do click here to email David.


He passionately strives to provide an enjoyable and rewarding musical learning for his students using the following principles:

  • Ensure playing music is both fun and a continual challenge for all students.
  • Providing accessibility to music performance to all students.
  • Incorporate relevant music theory into practical musicianship teaching, promoting the use of Italian terminology wherever possible.
  • Emphasise the importance of practise and assist students in establishing a discipline of practise.
  • Provide opportunities for students to further their musical experience through ensemble playing and performance.
  • Use the structure of the ABRSM syllabus combined with more contemporary pieces
  • Develop accurate rhythmic ability, including swing, syncopated and more complex rhythms found in contemporary pieces.
  • Encourage good posture and ensure appropriate fingerings are used where alternatives exist.
  • Coach students in musical expression through use of dynamics, articulation and intonation.
  • Teaching of scales and exercises as part of tone development, intonation control and introduction to improvisation.
  • Encourage students to listen to live and recorded music.

David has extensive experience as a musician playing a variety of styles including jazz, classical, latin, gospel and pop. He directs a number of school ensembles and plays with the Ipswich Musicians' Union Big Band.

As both a parent and teacher, David is primarily concerned for the safety and well being of children at all times. He possesses a CRB enhanced disclosure certificate and welcomes any questions from student's parents regarding child protection policy.